Hi Csongor,

Happy new year to you, too! Hope you’ve had a happy NYE celebration; as for me, I certainly have! I truly believe that your sessions have helped me enormously. If I compare my last NYE Holiday 2010/11 to this year’s 2011/12, I can say that without a doubt, there’s been a huge transformation in my overall wellbeing and emotional state. It is a relief to feel some normacy and consistent happiness in a group setting, whilst on holidays with my partner. Thank you and I will be in touch in the coming months for another session.  Take care,

E, Melbourne, Australia

 Csongor is an amazing energy healer. I met him when I participated in one of his energy classes when I lived in Sarasota, Florida. I now live in Dallas, TX and needed a healing due to a terrible sinus and pulmonary infection. I had never been able to breathe through my nose in my current apartment which didn’t help matters at hand. I contacted Csongor and had him perform two long distance healings about a week between the two so that I could breathe better in and out of my apartment and to help clear the infection. His healing definitely made a difference. I did have to take some herbs, as well as, smudge my apartment, but I am breathing much easier today.

Gwendolyn, Dallas, TX

The senior population in South Port Square, Port Charlotte, FL, was delighted to have Csongor Daniel present his Tai Chi classes here once a week. It was quite a buzz on campus and word quickly spread about how good it was for them. The attendance fills the largest room we call Town Hall. We look forward to learning and promise to practice.

None were more pleased than I. Csongor doesn’t remember perhaps, but when he first started teaching Tai Chi classes at the YMCA Bayfront Center in Punta Gorda (which blew away during Hurricane Charley on Friday the 13th, August of 2004) I took a video of his class and made sure I included his gorgeous demonstration of “The Form”. I dug it out when I heard he was going to have classes here. The date in the corner read Feb. 1993! He is still handsome and sweet as ever. We are so fortunate to have such a professional instructor. Thank you, Csongor

Sarah Rains, Port Charlotte, Florida

 After giving birth for the first time ten years ago, I started losing my hair. It was coming out in lumps! I had tried everything to stop it. No one could figure out why it was happening.  Eventually, I asked Csongor to work on me long distance (I was in Serbia, while he was in the USA). After just one session my hair stopped falling out! It was like a miracle!  Since then, two of my girlfriends had the same problem. I suggested to both of them to try the same long distance treatment. It worked for both of them the same way! It’s amazing!

Csilla, Serbia

 Hi,  My name is Jack Baron and I have been a medical doctor for some 30 years. As such, I am first a scientist and somewhat of an agnostic. I have been programmed and expect to see scientific proof of the laws of the Universe before I am convinced of the truth or outcomes.

Having said this, I have attempted to remain neutral and open minded as to the wonders of our world and beyond. Indeed, if we embrace “quantum physics”, some of what we once thought impossible can easily be explained and understood. Along comes Csongor Daniel.

I had been suffering from extreme pain and numbness in my right arm and hand to the point I was certain I must have a “pinched nerve” in my neck or worse, a tumor affecting my brachial plexus. I was so concerned, I was one step away from asking my local neural surgeon to take a look when –along came “Csongor”.

At the suggestion of my wife, (God Bless the Women of the Earth!), I agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to see this “therapist”, “trainer”, “healer”, “magician”, since everything else I had tried hadn’t worked.

Csongor readily agreed to see me, but I had my “antennae” up, and was certainly not going to offer him any information as to my symptoms or differential diagnosis. He was going to figure this one out for himself. I simply told him I was not feeling well and asked if he thought he could help.

Non-committedly, he said,”I’ll try”,and proceeded to go to work.

He explained briefly something about “energy” and such and without touching me proceeded to do his “biotherapy energy scan”. Wow! What happened next was unbelievable and life changing as to how I would later feel, and as to how I would think about medicine and healing in the future.

Without touching me, and by simply moving his hands over various areas of my body, Csongor was able to tell me literally every old and new health problem I had or was currently experiencing. Absolutely amazing!! Remember, I am the “prove it to me” guy. He nailed it! After a few “treatments”, my arm and hand symptoms entirely subsided and have never returned.

More importantly, Csongor has opened my eyes as to how his “Biotherapy” works and that this energy is available to all of us once we understand and embrace it.  Respectfully–

Jack E. Baron, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.

I was under the care of Csongor Daniel at the gym and therapeutic massage for 3 1/2 years. During the first six months I lost 44 lbs. The exercise brought years back into my life, and a spring to my step! When I had a mild heart attack, a 98% blockage. a 95% blockage, and an 80% blockage were discovered. Why I lived through it is attributed to the lymph draining during the weekly therapeutic massage treatments he applied, and the bio-energy balancing he also did weekly. Mr. Daniel is a Master at what he does. Following along with him on his Tai Chi DVD’s puts you in a complete relaxed state. He is the best investment anyone can make for good health! I am living proof of it! Sincerely,

J. Lewis, Fla

 “That’s my specialty” was the immediate response from Csongor Daniel when I inquired about treatment for my peripheral neuropathy. This was the diagnosis by a Neurologist who said, “I don’t know” when asked what caused this, and his solution was “take this prescription….”

I wasn’t too thrilled with the prognosis.

After several weeks of treatments by Csongor Daniel and then extending time between treatments because of improvement, I have been thankful and happy to be free of surgery or prescription drugs. As an added benefit I learned that asking for treatment, believing and having faith in it, receiving and accepting it put my mind at ease as well. Thank you Csongor Daniel.  P. S. I can now participate in his Tai Chi classes here at South Port Square!

Sarah Rains

Csongor Daniel has been my therapeutic massage therapist every other week during the last four years. He is professional and excellent in this capacity. I have read his book, BIOTHERAPY, which is interesting, informative and well written. So, I have known Csongor is a bio-energy healer, but never had reason to be involved with his energy work until a year ago.

At that time I began to have severe lower back pain and was diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease and Degenerative Disc Disease. Neurosurgeons recommended extensive major surgery on my lumbar spine, involving the placement of rods. As a registered nurse, I was familiar with this type of surgery and was aware that after it, the patient often was in as much or more pain than before the surgery. I opted for pain management therapy. Csongor and I discussed my decision, as well as the biotherapy energy work he has been doing. We agreed to try it each session just before my therapeutic massage.

I remember thinking, as Csongor was moving his arms up and down and around several inches from my body, how weird this was and having doubts about it working. I could, however feel a sense of pulling, a feeling of energy between my body and his hands. When you are in pain you will try anything once. When he was done the energy work, he did my massage.

Usually after a massage, especially the day after, my muscles ache. This time, not only did my muscles not ache, I felt good for several days. I mentioned this to my pain management doctor and he agreed we should continue the energy work along with the doctor’s therapy, which was mostly medication and physical therapy.

After the first few times of having the energy work along with the massage, I continued to be in much less pain for about a week. Then Csongor suggested I call him when the pain gets worse again and, if he couldn’t see me, he would do it long distance. I am open minded and willing to do almost anything to decrease pain, but, I was skeptical. The day came; I was miserable; so I called Csongor and he gave me a time I was to relax and clear my mind. I was lying on the couch and the dog was sleeping next to me. I started to feel a warm healing feeling ( still thinking I was imagining it) and suddenly the sleeping dog started moving and moaning in his sleep; he opened his eyes, looked around me, moved away, and went to sleep. I went back to relaxing and keeping my mind clear. After the time was up, I felt much better, my pain was decreased again and stayed that way for several more days. I do think the dog reacting to something neither of us could see, made me a believer. Csongor and I have continued to do the energy, both in person and long distance. It works and has made a positive difference in my life.

Barbara M. Carragher, Venice, Florida, April 9, 2007

 Csongor,  My whole system is working better since you worked on my upper abdomen! You may want to put this on your web site:

“Csongor is the best way to health that I’ve found. He responds quickly and is attentive with follow up sessions. Sure beats the expense and long lines at urgicare and the “cure”, unlike the medications at other health outlets, does not have costly side effects. Thank you Csongor!”

Brenda Walker, 1/30/11

The following pictures demonstrate the effectiveness of Csongor’s treatment on a two year old frozen shoulder:


Before the session


After 5-10 minutes of bioenergy healing


Another 10 minutes of special pressure points treatment


A week later