Biotherapy – A Healing for the 21st Century

biotherapy_for_webThe book was written for every open-minded individual, regardless of education or religion, who wants to tap into the paranormal with his feet still touching the ground. The proven, practical exercises teach you in a matter of minutes how to see and feel the energy fields that surround us, while the explanations are still within the boundaries of modern physics and science.

If that is not enough, you may continue to develop your own healing abilities through easy-to-follow instructions, and become an influential Biotherapist or even Dowser. Daniel’s main objective is to show you that you don’t have to be gifted in order to become a healer. All you need is desire and knowledge.

Working with Csongor Daniel and seeing the fantastic results of his biotherapy, I am not surprised by the depth of insight into health and disease that his book provides. I consider Biotherapy, A Healing for the 21st Century a must read for anyone interested in health and healing!

Dr. Todd H. Slaughter A.P., Doctor of Acupuncture RI, Acupuncture Physician FL, National Board Certified (NCCA)

This whole new way of energy-healing, which was developed in eastern Europe, also explains the reasons for the changes in our energy-fields, how these changes affect us, and how to avoid them. If we do get affected, we’ll learn how to abolish those changes and continue a healthy lifestyle.

The book covers both mind and body techniques for energy enhancement, plus some contemporary treatments that also amplify the bioenergy.

After letting your “sixth” sense slowly take over, and occasionally alleviating some of your friends’ or relatives’ pain, or even healing a serious health condition, you’ll realize that the best doctor is indeed within yourself.

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Customer reviews from Amazon

A Textbook in Healing, June 11, 2000 Reviewer: A reader

It is amazing how much information you can squeeze in into 230 pages. I have read many books on energy-healing and here is the one that compiles all that knowledge into one. The hands-on exercises are described into the tiniest details and are very easy to follow. I have just found out that “Biotherapy” was aproved as a continuing education home-study course for massage therapists nationwide. No wonder why!

Healing at its best, April 6, 2000 Reviewer: A reader

I can’t believe this book is not a best seller! It has all the answers to my questions about energy-healing and more. All this knowledge in such a small space! Thanks!

Truly a Healing for the 21st Century, March 13, 2000 Reviewer: Hella Bertiaume (New Jersey)

The most complete book on healing I have read. It may not be a “Deepak Chopra”, but everything in the book has a practical application that even I, as a lay person, was able to do. It is definitely a life changer!