Energizing T’ai Chi Chi Kung

Active ImageThrough this video you will not only learn how to exercise for health, but you will also learn some essential healing movements and practices.

You will learn how to feel your own energy fields (Qi or Chi or Aura) and even manipulate them in order to induce healing in your own complexity of body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Moreover, you will learn to see your energy fields!

All of this knowledge comes together in the first DVD while showing you front and back views of the movements with complete explanation and even some bonus footage of T’ai Chi exercise from different places around the world.

The second DVD is pure practice. Filmed at two different locations in sunny Florida it takes the student away on a relaxing, musical journey through a self-awareness inducing exercise.

Energizing T’ai Chi Chi Kung DVD has also been approved for continuing education both as a seminar and as a home study course.

MCE 136-05 (3379, 3380)


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Customer Reviews:

Energizing Tai Chi Chi Kung by Csongor Daniel, June 15, 2003

Reviewer: Jane W. Lewis (Punta Gorda, FL USA)

Energizing Tai Chi Chi Kung by Csongor Daniel is a purely delightful experience every time I watch it. He has carefully chosen unique music to set a relaxed mood, to enhance the soothing result of doing Tai Chi. He methodically describes and shows every movement to complete each exercise, so you will do it correctly. The varied scenery is a wonderful tool to keep repeat use from becoming boring. It is just a most pleasant experience to share your exercise time with this delightful young man. You’ll feel like you have gained a new friend with repeated use of his DVD on Tai Chi Chi Kung. You’ll gain new poise and confidence as you develop new coordination and balance from daily Tai Chi exercise. Buy this DVD and enjoy!


Csongor Daniel’s New DVD is an Investment in Yourself, June 6, 2003

Reviewer: Susan (Sarasota, FL)

Csongor Daniel’s self-directed debut DVD “Energizing T’ai Chi Chi Kung” is a great investment in yourself. Even if you’re unfamiliar with this ancient, up-and-coming meditative form of excercise like I was, you’ll come away from watching this with the confidence that you can do it too, and that it really is beneficial to your body, mind and spirit in these modern, hectic times. The backdrop to this artful, athletic demonstration flows seamlessly from the edge of the Grand Canyon and the beaches of south Florida to the green of Scotland and the stateliness of Yugoslavia. It’s almost like a travelogue for your eyes while you listen to great New Age music and Daniel’s competent, soothing voice. Then at the end you realize you got a workout in, too! That’s the best kind of educational exercise DVD ~ the kind you’re not wishing would be over with the whole darn time. I would recommend “Energizing T’ai Chi Chi Kung” to anyone.