FITTBALL was originally developed to help improve the eye-foot coordination of the elderly at an assisted living facility. The inventor, Csongor Daniel was a T’ai Chi and exercise instructor at the facility, when he noticed that his students put more effort in their exercise when he included more fun and humorous activities.


Attaching a ball to a string was the first step to create a hacky sack that would not fly away. It was an instant success. Several weeks later, while one of the balls was hanging off a picture hanger in Csongor’s kitchen, he happened to kick it while walking by. As it bounced back, the wall exercise was born. The same night he has developed his first 15 minute full body workout for the newly crowned FITTBALL! With the engineering, healing and exercise background of the creator, FITTBALL has reached its final form.


FITTBALL consists of a tennis ball size ball (with a lesser bounce) hanging on a genuine 8’ parachute cord that can be attached to the waist or torso of an individual (leg exercises), or to a wall (full body exercises), with the help of an adjustable cord lock. It provides endless combinations of fun exercises that are attractive to any skill level.


Fittball is available in three colors: Green, Red or Pink. At this moment a limited edition is sold in Yellow.


FITTBALL was invented almost three years ago and was introduced to Edison Nation at the Las Vegas inventor expo in 2008. It was also part of Billy Mays’ Pitchmen, and it appeared on Discovery channel.


FITTBALL certainly has the potential to become more popular than the hula-hoop or hacky sack, since it has a full-body workout potential coupled with tons of fun!


Whether you are a soccer or a tennis player searching for ways to improve your game, or a martial artist chiseling the fine details of your moves, or an average person looking for a fun way to exercise, FITTBALL is for you! Bring out the kid in you whether you are 7 or 107!


You may purchase this truly amazing exercise device for only $19.95 plus shipping here: Store


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