The Girl With the Healing Hands

His instructions are fun and easy to follow. As Kylie becomes more proficient in feeling and seeing the aura, so does the reader. Enduring the teasing from her classmates at kindergarten, Kylie does have some doubts about the energy, but eventually overcomes the obstacles through some unusual circumstances. Finally, she realizes that she is a healer indeed. The readers are invited to the same discovery about themselves.


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Awareness of energies is a key concept in my therapy with both children and adults.  This book is a delightful invitation for children to learn to think out of the box and expand their consciousness of self.  It is a book that is long overdue and yet ahead of its time.

Karin Galliano, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Men and women have long known of the power humans have to heal. Yet, particularly in industrialized societies like ours, such gifts are ignored or shunned. Csongor Daniel, a healer in his own right, tells an evocative story of his little girl, who has inherited her father’s ability to ease pain.
Daniel shows us that such a talent brings with it great responsibility, and can often expose the bearer to ridicule. How Kylie copes with the consequences of her power offers a lesson to any young person who may feel different.
But beyond that, Daniel deftly uses the metaphor of the child practitioner to explain the phenomenon of natural healing in terms anyone can understand.It’s to be hoped that his book is not only read, but also accepted as a fine first step toward understanding the power that lies within us.

James Abraham, Book Critic, Editor and Author

In a previous work Csongor Daniel writes, “…there is much more beyond our knowledge than we can ever imagine.” The Girl with the Healing Hands not only lifts the boundaries of our imagination, but addresses us at a stage before we have learned to doubt its possibilities.  Heartfully written and wonderfully illustrated, The Girl with the Healing Hands is a rewarding read for any age.

Steven R. Pollard, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

The following article, written by Csongor Daniel, was published in the July, 2008 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Your Child, the Healer When your children get hurt, what is the first thing you do? You pick them up, hug them, and hold them. You also caress the painful spot, or kiss it, right? You try to make them feel better in every way. In essence, you cover all the important aspects of comforting them: You are there immediately after the pain happens. You calm them by being there. It is nice to know that they can count on you. You give them warmth from within. You also cover the physical aspect, by gently stroking or kissing the painful spot.

Have you noticed that sometimes you can actually feel their pain go away as you do that? They certainly have! You can in fact physically stop their pain. Did you know that? Or were you just doing it instinctively?

Either way, you were performing healing in its most basic form. Your children definitely notice that and remember it. That is, until they are taught to believe in something else. You are their healer and pain-reliever, till you teach them to take a different sort of remedy, or a chemical pain killer, because you also learned that those work fast and easy.

What if there were no other means of blocking pain, but only your own self? What if you consciously knew how to end pain without chemicals? Would you teach your children how to stop pain on their own?

I have been able to stop other people’s pain for most of my life. At the age of twenty it actually became my profession. I was already an engineering student in the former Yugoslavia, when I accidentally realized that I could heal more serious conditions, not only headaches and simple pain. I was startled when I learned that I could actually move people without physically touching them. I had no idea where that came from. I had no means of explaining or understanding what I was doing. Yes, it was fun moving people at the local pubs for bets, but obviously, there was a whole lifetime of learning ahead of me. However, I didn’t know where to start. There was no literature available on the subject of healing. Those were the times before the internet.

A friend talked me into going to Belgrade to a professor who was measuring the energy fields of the body. He was supposedly able to tell people if they were meant to be healers. That is when the turning point happened. I was told that I was gifted and that I should change my profession. By then I decided to finish college, but at the same time I wanted to become a healer, too.

When the professor introduced me to Zdenko Domancic, arguably the greatest healer in Europe (A recent documentary: Think about It, states that he has healed more than a million people), I was hooked. As his student, I learned all the ins and outs of bioenergy-healing, or as it is called there – biotherapy.

Many years have gone by. In the meantime, I realized that I could teach anybody to perform bioenergy-healing. Most healers have learned the same. Other methods of energy healing have emerged all around the world. Some have been there for centuries. Energy-healing is not a big mystery any more.

I was hoping that one day my daughters would follow my footsteps. Not necessarily as a profession, but for their own good. Before I knew it, my expectations were far exceeded.

Several years ago, my father-in-law came by, complaining about his painful knees. He was looking for relief. I used to perform biotherapy on him, on fairly regular basis.

As I was working on his right knee, my daughter, Kylie, sat next to me and started mimicking my movements on his left knee. Her grandpa had a kick out of it. She looked funny as she tried hard to follow my motions, visibly amusing herself.

A few moments later, grandpa’s face turned serious. He started feeling the heat from her little hands, and before he could say anything, his pain vanished. Both knees felt as good as new! I was amazed, too. Kylie was only two years old!

Did she have any idea what she had done? Such a great feat from such a small person! Is she so special, or can other children do the same?

I have realized many years before, that I could teach most adults how to perform healing on themselves and others. Could I teach kids, too? The answer is a firm: yes. Moreover, it is easier to teach children than adults. They haven’t learned any limitations that adults live by. Their imagination has no boundaries or doubts, nor reservations. Their possibilities are endless.

I was immediately prompted to teach my girls not only how to ease pain by simply manipulating the energy fields of the body, but also how to see and feel the same energy fields. It became a nightly routine. At their bedtime, after the mandatory story, we would hold our arms up and try to see our energies around our fingers and hands. Then, we would connect our energies and look at them from different angles. It was quite entertaining!

When I taught them how to feel the energy, the game turned more serious. Today, they are ten and eight years old, and know exactly what to do when something hurts.

When I realized how easy it was to teach them, I decided to put my experiences into a book that any child of reading age can understand. Thus, The Girl with the Healing Hands was born. Kylie was so excited about it, that she agreed to illustrate it herself.

Since its publication early this year, I have been approached by many adults, who felt the book was not only for children, but for them, too. They also learned the basics of energy healing just by reading the story to their children.

It is quite exciting to feel and see your energy for the first time. It is even more exciting when you do it together with your children. It doesn’t require any special gifts or skills.

If you have doubts about ever feeling the energy, try this simple exercise:
Hold up your hands in front of your chest. Let your elbows hang, and relax your shoulders. Keep your hands apart, loosen your fingers and imagine that you are holding a very light ball. Close your eyes and try to see your imaginary ball. Feel how smooth and round it is. Start playing with it: Squeeze it a little bit, and then release it back. Do this a few times using very small, fast movements. Can you feel the resistance? It is just like playing with magnets. Have you ever played with magnets? This pushing that you feel is not just because you have a good imagination, but because you have found the edges of one of the layers of your aura, which is your energy field. This aura surrounds the human body, animals, plants and every object around us. It consists of tiny particles of energy that form an egg-shape field around our bodies.

Now, let’s try it again, but this time, bring your hands closer together. It is a very interesting feeling if you do it slowly, inch by inch, and let your hands go back a little bit more each time. Can you feel it push more as your hands get closer together? Now, let’s try the opposite way. As you pull your hands away, can you feel them pulling back to the center? Congratulations! You can feel your aura! You might even feel some heat or tingling in your hands as you practice. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t feel it right away. The more you practice, the more you will feel it!

Once you can feel the Aball,” bring your hands closer. Keep your hands flat and your fingers straight, while putting them very close to each other. Start circling them around the middle of your palms. You will feel the energy whirling around the centers of your palms. It usually feels quite warm and tingly. It feels like two weak magnets that you can’t push together, thus they follow a circular path, governed by their fields.

These are just a few of the many exercises you can try. If you can do it, your child can certainly do it, too. Practice together and enjoy!

Seeing the energy may be a bit more difficult – for you. Not for your child. However, once you figure it out, you will always be able to see it. If you have ever learned out how to look at the three dimensional paintings – so popular a few years ago – you will have no difficulties seeing the aura.

Find a plain area on the wall or on the ceiling as your background. Bedtime is a great setting for this, since you are more relaxed and the lights are a bit dimmed.

With your arms straight, hold your hands at eye level. Your palms should be facing you. Stretch out your fingers and spread them a little bit apart.  Now comes the hard part. Look directly at the area between the fingertips of your middle fingers. Try not to stare at your fingers or at the background.  Keep your eyes on the area between your fingertips! Watch it carefully. Can you see something between them? It looks a little bit foggy, doesn’t it?You can call it hazy, misty, smoggy, cloudy, or blurry. It is all around your fingers and even around your whole body.  If you look very carefully at the fingertip of only one finger, you’ll be able to see a little funnel-like light beam coming out of it.  Now, move your pointer finger up and down along the fingers of your other hand. Don’t touch, though! Can you see how the blurry beam from your pointer connects with each of the fingertips on your hand? When your pointer is between two fingers of the other hand, it connects to them both. Try to see how far away you can move your fingers before you lose the beams.

As you become more proficient in this, you may do it together. You child can hold up their left hand, while you hold up your right hand, and look for the connection between them. During this play you may also feel the familiar tingling and warmth, too.

Relieving pain is not much more difficult than the above exercises.

Put your hand on the painful spot and tighten it up just a tiny bit. Soon, you will feel tingling and heat, as before. Hold it there till the pain goes away.

Sometimes, the pain is caused by excess energy, in which case you will have to gently “pull away” the extra energy. It is easy if you visualize this energy as jell-o. You can take it off gradually, but not all at once. Visualize it sticking to your hands. Immediately, pull your hands a few feet away from the painful area, and shake them off a few times. This gets the” jell-o” off your hands. Repeat as needed, till the pain eases.

Would you have ever imagined that it was so easy? Could you have believed that it worked faster than any pain-killer? Now you can become a believer on your own!

Teaching your children energy-healing is no different from anything else they are taught in school. They take all the new knowledge for granted. Imagine them growing up with such a power. The possibilities are endless.