Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing is an effective therapeutic method giving amazing results.

The distance is not of importance, it works for individuals anywhere in the world. Hundreds around the globe have been treated with this method in the last twenty years, working on everything from simple headaches to the most difficult health problems, with surprising effectiveness.

If you are unable to see me in person, you still haven’t lost a chance for better health!

Contact me for details. I work only on a small group at a time, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible.

I have been asked a lot about long-distance healing lately. Click here for Long-Distance Healing Q&A.

Every week more and more people seek help by way of this method from all parts of the world.


Long Distance Bioenergy Healing Price List

Group – Group long distance bioenergy healing (2x per week, Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9 am Florida time (GMT-5)) 5 for $50
This is the most affordable, yet a powerful healing method involving unlimited number of people. Since I can’t concentrate on each individual with this method, I ask that everyone who participates concentrate on me (or my picture right before the session) and their problem areas (physical, mental, emotional…) for the 15 minutes that the sessions last. You may experience sensations of heat, tingling, pressure, and similar – which you would feel during a regular healing session as well as other long distance treatments.
These sessions are excellent follow up to regular treatments, whether one on one or long distance. They are also very affordable if you are on a tight budget. (*please see group long distance bioenergy healing testimonials below)

Essential – Full one cycle long distance bioenergy healing (2x per week, T and F) 5 for $300
These sessions are the longtime favorite, especially if you are new to long distance healing. They are good enough to make a believer out of you by getting your energy in order. For many it is enough for full recovery.

Ideal – Two full cycles of long distance bioenergy healing (2x per week, T and F) – best value 10 for $500
These sessions are a must if you have a serious medical condition. Two full cycles of five treatments consecutively – 5 weeks of treatments!

As needed – Long distance bioenergy healing; when ordering one at a time (T and F) 1 for $75

Emergency – Long distance bioenergy healing at any time 1 for $100
I can work on you anywhere and at any time. Contact me whenever there is an emergency.

Ultimate – Long distance bioenergy healing (5 days in a row, M-F) – the strongest, fastest way to get better. This includes one full treatment as well as a half hour consultation per day via phone or skype. When your treatment requires more than just energy healing – nutritional counselling, exercise counselling, energy training, etc. – all in order to make you feel better as fast as possible. 5 for $1000


* Group Long Distance Bioenergy Healing Testimonials

Here are just a few of the hundreds of recent responses I have received thus far:

“Hi Csongor, Holy Moly….very similar to our one on one treatments. I love your amazing gift to make the instructions and explanations so simple and matter of fact. I lay down and held the intention of connecting to you and offering my health concerns. Immediately at 10am I felt a tingling in my right forehead where I recently had skin cancer surgery. Then a feeling of more intelligent energy in my field and a usual balancing which for me is releasing and relaxing of the whole right side of my body….Then a building of healing energy and eventually a very noticeable finishing, almost as if if I am an ocean then a big wave of energy came in, connected to my energy intelligence, did some stimulating and then passed through. Thank you for your gift, your dedication and your success. Keep me in for the next one next week and more…”

“It was a fun experience. The energy started to flow about 10:05. With my third eye it was like a sun rise, bright colors. My piriformis muscle in the left leg has been throbbing. I have been exercising it. I asked for it to release. It lightened. About 10:15 the energy changed to a light purple and I felt the intenseness fade.
Lovely, great experience. I remember how intense your energy can be…”

“I felt a bit stomach queezy through the session..and lightheaded and slightly dizzy
It is now 30 min since you finished and I still have the sensations”
“I felt the energy in a coolness on my knees and shin bone (I have been praying for healing in my knees). Towards the end I could hear harp music making a swirling type sound. “
“When the session began, I felt a pressure in my tooth. Yesterday I had a root canal in that tooth, no pain but perhaps it was healing quicker. “
“It was and amazing experience! I started my day with a headache which has subsided immediately after the start of the meditation and is totally gone now. Thanks so much! Count me in for next week!”
“Csongor….I felt the energy flow right on time, and it continued through the session with mostly rapid eye movement, some jaw manipulation, some head shaking, tongue movement, and some lower torso vibrating. I have need of some specific targeted healing energy, but with my financial situation I can’t afford any sessions just for me to zero in on the problem area. Thanx for the session. It was very impressive.”

“Thank you for the distance healing this morning. Feeling terrific! 🙂 “

“I felt being worked on my face and this morning I started to get the Rosacca on my face and it is now gone. I was the one from Lancaster New York with MS and Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have more energy today and will be on next week’s meditation. Also will buy your book.”

“Hi, I felt relaxed and light headed in my body and in my head. Is this normal?”

“Last week I got the flu and my body finally returned to no fever or chills on Sunday but I was left with a really painful chest cold.

Prior to the session I was coughing a lot and it was extremely painful and hard to breathe. During the session I was very relaxed. Allowed myself to fall asleep after 10:15 for a bit. When I woke I felt really good. My painful cough is still here; however, I’ve coughed a lot less today and overall had very pleasant energy. Thank you so much!!!”
“Thank you for the wonderful session. It worked very well for me and I have much more positive energy. It’s made me much happier and right now I’m free of pain. Thank you from my heart.”

“I laid in my bed with my dogs and it took about 5 minutes for them to settle. I had my hand on your picture and imagined you meditating or doing your healing as you did in our classes. I have had painful joints due to arthritis and set my intention to receive this wonderful gift of healing from you. I would focus on the painful or inflamed area and released the energy to the violet flame and accepted the healing and balanced function of my healthy body. I spoke my gratitude for spirit using you as a conduit and my body started to respond.
Most of the time my muscles would twitch, I felt heat on my left hand that was on your picture, my right hand really twitched vigorously, I felt a pressure change across my face where my sinuses were bothering me. I directed the energy to each area that had pain. I had a long day at the massage office today but this evening I have noticed that the pain has subsided in most areas and I have better ROM on my left pinky finger that has been swollen and the most painful area.
I want to thank you for your generosity and want to do at least one more of the healings you offered”

“Wow…I do not know the time you stopped, but I know exactly when it left me…10:16. Initially, I felt my right leg (that is my bad leg) doing a kind of “twitchy” thing, then I was really concentrating on my hands (too much sewing I can barely use them), and both my hands and arms started pulsing. Continually, quite strong pulses, over and over and all of a sudden it was like a wave leaving my arms. It just rolled off me and was suddenly over. During that time I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to! Hopefully this isn’t too long of a description of my impressions, but it was definitely powerful. We definitely still have a connection! ! Thank you:)”

“Daniel, A wonderful relaxed feeling. Made me feel good all over. You are the best and most wonderful young man I have ever met.!!!!!! Am ordering your new book, and hope you have signed it as the first one you wrote”

“Thanks for a great introduction. I came into this not knowing what to expect and not wanting to be disappointed if I did not experience something directly during the specific timeframe … but quite the opposite.
It started as a flowing across my body from left to right. The image that came to mind was sand blowing across dunes. The flow changed to circling around me.
I noticed 5 distinct surges that progressed from feet up to my head pausing at several spots I was focused on – feet, hips, reproductive system, and eyes. Each culminated in a color behind my eyes. First a pink/purple, next a more bluish purple, then more murky red, green/blue and then more clear. I felt energized. I was surprised with how significant it felt and I continued to be energized through the day. I could perceive a start and an end.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate.”