Birth of a Blog

My other inspiration came from Don, my web master. He is quite a brainiac with a good sense of humor and even better timing. If you ever have any web related questions, especially about web security, you should definitely consult him. His site, The Ethical Hacker Network, is very popular.

Other than that, I have never been against anything in my life, since I know that everything has something positive in it. It is a universal law, whether we go by the T’ai Chi symbol (Yin-Yang), or by modern quantum physics (positive and negative particles). I have been teaching this fact for years, as well as trying to live by it.

No matter what happens to you, there is always something positive in it. If you don’t see it at the very moment of negativity, don’t worry. The positive will come sooner or later. It is enough to know that it is there.

The same goes for your thinking. However, since you can control your thoughts, you are in charge of your positivity.

I tried to illustrate this in a simple manner, so even my kids would understand. I told them a story of two guys who stared out the window into the pouring rain:

One of them goes: “Grrrr! I hate this weather! I can’t go out… I can’t play golf… I can’t do anything… I hate it!” And with that he stays angry, negative and stressed all day.

The other guy looks out and says: “Wow, look at that beautiful rain! It is so nice… so good for the grass and the plants… I can finally pick up my favorite book and just relax…” He stays happy, positive and relaxed for the rest of the day.

So we have two guys in the same situation: one is all negative, while the other is all positive, right?

Now comes the big question: Did either one of them change the weather??? Of course not!

This means that all the negative or positive happens only in our minds. It is really up to us what we make out of a situation. Keep your mind positive and your energy will stay strong and healthy, keeping your whole system happy.

In the future I will try to explain our energetic health in a bit more detail. Keeping you healthy will be the objective of my blog.

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