The Human Energy Field

When you get hurt, don’t you put your hand on the painful spot? Don’t you do the same to your child? If everyone on this planet does the same thing, why is it so strange when someone heals others by the laying on of hands?

It may be the unknown that scares people. The part that we don’t understand. However, the human energy field has been explained a long time ago. The Chinese have been utilizing the field through acupuncture, QiGong and T’ai Chi for thousands of years. Quantum physics have explained the vibrational characteristics of the energy, opening new doors not only to understanding healing, but even modern medicine.

We are all energetic beings. We all have amps and volts and ohms in our bodies. We all vibrate. We all have electromagnetic signals running through our nerves. We can all be measured by EKG and EEG, as well as a regular multimeter.

We are all our own healers. If we cut ourselves, our bodies heal us. Not the bandage. When we have a cold, our bodies heal us. Not the vitamin C or the medication. We all have the perfect “fixer.”

We are enveloped in a perfect bubble of energy. We vibrate not only inside our bodies, but even outside. The energy field — called bioenergy in Europe, or aura in the U.S. — expands roughly as far as we can reach. It can not only be measured, but even photographed. This method is called Kirlian photography.

The problem starts when the field goes out of balance. It can happen for various reasons, ranging from diet and lifestyle, to injury and other less known factors, such as environment, electromagnetic fields, and even other people around us.

The areas of less energy may become ill. For example, smokers, or people with bronchitis or asthma, all have less energy in and around their lungs. Excess energy may accompany pain, as is the case with most headaches.

A healer recognizes these imbalances and restores them to their original charge. Once the body has its natural environment back, it is able to heal itself. It is able to continue its natural function.

Every cell in your body has the picture of the healthy body. Every cell holds the information of the entire system. A single cell could reproduce the entire body under the perfect circumstances. All that a healer has to do is restore the original environment. In essence, it is not the healer who heals you. He just fixes your energy field. It is your body that heals itself.

Domancic developed a method that practically anyone could learn. He has systematized bioenergy healing and made it more scientific and more available. It became one of the fastest and most effective energy-healing methods that has ever been developed. It is used to treat such ailments as cancer, heart disease, high/low blood pressure, MS, rheumatoid disease, thyroid problems, allergies, diabetes, migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, hair loss, liver problems, gangrene and any other illness known to men.

The treatments are quick and powerful, with obvious results. Most patients feel improvement already after the first session.

The effectiveness of this type of healing is in its ability to restore the balance for the entire system, not just for some of its components. The whole body’s energy flow is restarted already at the first treatment.

There are no fancy instruments or gadgets. The treatments are done by moving the hands over the body as well as touching it at certain points.

This art has been introduced to the residents in this area in its most powerful form, performed in a group setting for even more energy flow. The audience feels and sees the energy first hand and some even experience psychokinesis — moving someone without any touch.

Biotherapy education is also a part of two trips. One was to Egypt in September and the other will be to Croatia and Slovenia in the spring.

The Croatian-Slovenian tour will pay a visit to Medjugorje, known for its apparitions of the Virgin Mary; the Adriatic coast, as well as a visit to the Domancic clinic in the beautiful alpine resort of Kranjska Gora.

These tours have a well-balanced fusion of architecture, history, and an incredible mind-body education and rejuvenation.

Publication: Charlotte Sun

Date: Oct 22, 2006

Section: Feeling Fit

Page Number: 94

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